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MMD style raytracing shader update

tfe v0 build 20231224 cover
tfe v0 build 20231224 cover

TF Engine has been updated. Let’s see what changed (Build 2023.12.24):

  • Added MMD style raytracing shader.
  • Changed animation frame data and frame time evaluation.
  • Removed auto IK on/off set up after adding motion. You have to turn them on or off manually.
  • Material is now using only 1 shader.
  • Updated camera code. No zoom out limit.
  • Fixed default toon index bug (index from PMX editor starts from 1).
  • Refactored and cleaned up code.

You can check for download page on the menu. Have fun!

NVIDIA PhysX 5 update

TF Engine has been updated. Let’s see what changed (Build 2022.11.17):

  • PhysX API upgraded to version 5.1
  • Added physics setting window to adjust gravity and simulation step time.
  • Simulation time changed from variable (based on FPS) to fixed time step. Fixed simulation step time help the physics simulation more stable when your FPS is too low or too high.

Raytracing ready update

TF Engine has been updated. Let’s see what changed (Build 2022.11.05):

  • GPU command queue synchronization enhanced.
  • Added raytracing render pipeline.
  • GPU resource view creation was changed to support raytracing pipeline.
  • Material constant buffer changed: shadowMapWidth, shadowMapHeight were removed. reflective was added.
  • Shader changed: Added TF default shader. To use MMD shader select it on shader tab.
  • Updated UI.

Note: Raytracing render pipeline is not a replacement for rasterization render pipeline. They work together. For example: Render the scene using raytracing and then use rasterization for post-processing effect.